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    Shelgrande Shetland Sheepdogs, owned by Corinne and Rex Rainsforth, is
    a small show / breeding kennel located in the heart of the Okanagan,
    overlooking the Coldstream Valley.  We began showing our dogs in
    Obedience back in 1974.
    Several years later we began to breed them.  Until January, 2007,
    we were located in Calgary, Alberta.

           We strive to breed beautiful, healthy, intelligent dogs with fabulous
    temperaments who are structurally and mentally sound. Over the years, we have
    held  steadfast to the belief that Shelties should never be timid or high strung.  
    We will tolerate a very slight "reservedness towards strangers" but never a
    temperament that hides when someone comes to the door!

    We only breed two or three litters per year as we believe that
    Quality is far more important than Quantity.  Any puppies that we do not keep
    or do not go to approved show homes are sold on Spay/Neuter agreements
    as Companion Dogs.

    Over the years we have finished Canadian Championships on
    about 60 dogs and American Championships on about 14. We
    currently share our home with several Shelties, one Havanese and a Papillon.
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Chiquita Bandita ROMC
(both US majors)

Welcome to Shelgrande
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